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Public & Non-Public Schools
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Public HS (9-12)


Public JR/SR HS (7-12)

LIST C Combined HS (K-12) 1,476
LIST V Area Vocational HS (9-12) 1,180
LIST D Public JHS (7-9) 3,210
LIST E Public ELEM/JHS (K-8) 17,975
We can extract 9,781 middle schools from LIST E with a grade span of 6-8 to give your more JHS.
LIST F Public ELEM (K-6) 47,005
LIST G Public School Districts 12,780
LIST M Roman Catholic ELEM 5,367
LIST N Catholic HS (9-12) 1,180
LIST Q Other Non-Public ELEM (K-8) 4,694
LIST R Other Non-Public HS (9-12) 825
LIST S Other Non-Public ELEM HS (K-12) 3,207
We can extract 2,685 non-public secondary schools (9-12) from LIST S to give you more non-public HS to add to LIST R.
Colleges and Universities
(address any title)
LIST J All Colleges - Universities 2,765
LIST J-O Four Year Colleges 1,539
LIST J-J Junior (2 Year) Colleges 1,223
Additional Lists
(address any title)
LIST K Catholic School Districts   172
LIST U (A + B) All Public Libraries 15,157
LIST U-A Public Libraries serving over 25,000 population 12,255
LIST U-B Public Libraries serving under 25,000 population  2,902