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President & C.O.O.
Mark joined Consolidated Mailing Service (CMS) in 1989 as Chief Operating Officer after a 10-year stint as Director of Information Systems for a Fortune 100 military defense contractor. In addition to day-to-day company operations, his COO responsibilities included the customer order fulfillment staff. Since joining the company, he has concentrated on deploying a state-of-the-art computer infrastructure complemented by extremely intelligent data research tools. This ensures that research & development employees always have the necessities required to keep CMS lists and their associated data current. Mark assumed the role of President and COO in 1999 upon the death of his father, Max Bradbard, who was the company's founder.

Director of Research & Development
Mary Ann, who holds an advanced degree in Information Systems technologies, joined CMS in 1996. One of her major areas of responsibility is ensuring that our research staff has access to the latest public domain data and on-line tools. She is constantly in touch with the federal government's Department of Education in order to obtain the most up-to-date information about educational institutions as soon as it is released. Ms. Karsen also oversees an ongoing phone campaign which often yields helpful, advance data that is used to refine our lists.

Vice President of Human Resources & Quality Management
Dr. Baruch, who possesses a Phd. in Child Psychology, has been an Executive Board member since 1982. Dr. Baruch has developed a Total Quality Management (TQM) program which ensures all employees understand the companies goals and empowers them to make process changes that result in improvement to the company’s production process. In addition Dr. Baruch has also developed a Profit Sharing program for process changes which result in significant savings.